Πέμπτη, 15 Ιουνίου 2017

Press Release

Press Release
3rd LGBTQI+ Crete Pride
Visibility and Rights Assertions for the Liberation of Gender, Body and Sexuality Festival

Over the last 2 years, we have managed to organise the LGBTQI+ Crete Pride - Visibility and Rights Assertions for the Liberation of Gender, Body and Sexuality Festival, after confronting the municipal authorities. In Heraklion, the municipal council obstructed the authorisation procedure, while in Rethymnon they were directly opposed to the assertion of our existence in public space. For the third consecutive year, we are fighting for the conduction of the Festival, which will take place in Heraklion - more specifically in Georgiadis Park - on the 30th of June and the 1st of July. The Festival will include speeches by members of LGBTQI+ groups, stands and other events. Concerts will be held both days and on Saturday 1/7 we will march in the city centre.
In a world dominated by patriarchy and gender-based violence, we fight and demand equality and visibility for all oppressed identities that suffocate under the strict frame of normativity. We fight against patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, ableism, ageism, fat-shaming, sexism, racism, capitalism and fascism, for a world without discrimination.

We, the coordination assembly of the 3rd Crete Pride, choose to act solidarily in a self-organising manner, shunning sponsorships and auspices, that solely aim to gain social capital or financial benefits by exploiting the community, while weakening the fights of the LGBTQI+ movement. Being oppressed, we stand against normativity that comprises hierarchies, understanding that those hierarchies cause divisions and discriminations, distribute privileges, create inequalities, control our desires and classify our bodies as normal or abnormal. Consequently, we form non-hierarchical assemblies to claim our freedom and rights.

We stand for our visibility and equal coexistence in the public space, creating safe spaces - a necessity arising from our experiences and daily life.

We fight and demand

Against normativities and authorities that intend to dominate our bodies and desires.

Be there!

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