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1st Visibility and Claims for the Liberation of Gender, Body and Sexuality
FESTIVAL: LGBTQI+ Pride of Crete

The Coordination Committee that was assembled to accomplish the 1st

LGBTQI+ Pride of Crete announces the conduct of a two day Festival, which will

take place in Heraklion (Crete), more specifically in Georgiadis Park in the 26th and

27th of June 2015. The aim of the Festival is to empower the visibility of the Cretan

-therefore of the broader provincial- LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer,

Intersex) community, to promote its demands and struggles and to underline the

necessity for its members' equal coexistence in society!

The LGBTQI+ Visibility Festival aims at providing information about any

matter concerning gender, body and sexuality. One of our main pursuits is to place

great emphasis on matters that have been inadequately examined such as transphobia,

polyphobia (discriminations against polyamory) and gay bashing. The Festival aspires

to include lectures, experiential workshops and artistic events, that will cover all the

relevant thematic areas. Both days of the Festival will end up in two colorful music

nights, with DJ sets and live performances covering various music genres.

It is our desire to have a Colorful March as the highlight of our actions. We

will walk through the streets reminding everyone, that we will not cease to exist and

to stand up for our rights and freedom of expression (without any fear or threats to our

lives) both in public and private spaces. We, as well, are an active part of society, we

want to live and breathe with decency and no constraints and we celebrate diversity!

The Coordination Committee of the 1st LGBTQI+ Pride of Crete that fights

for the realization of a Visibility Festival, is an assembly of horizontal (non-
hierarchical) structure. The Committee consists of two main Collectives: ConQueer

(Heraklion) and Fylo kai Ftero (“Gender and Feather”, Rethymno), as well as some

other individuals that share our values and concerns. The realization of a non-
commercialised LGBTQI+ Festival with no sponsors or advertising, which is merely

based on Solidarity and self-organisation and does not marginalise any members of

our community, is an informed political choice to us.

 1st LGBTQI+ Visibility Festival of Crete

We Claim – We Inform – We Fight :

Against normalities and authorities

 trying to rule over

our bodies and desires.

Against homophobia, transphobia and sexism.

We break our silence.

We celebrate diversity.

Join us!

The Coordination Commitee of the 1st Cretan LQBTQI+ Visibility Festival

Crete, April 11th, 2015

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